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Back Pain

How to STOP Back Pain and Stiffness From Zapping Your Energy And Making You Miserable - Without Painkillers, Injections or Surgery

Many of the women we see with lower back pain and stiffness have struggled with aches and pains for weeks, sometimes even months or years – hoping that it’ll just go away on its own. They put it down to getting older, a super-busy life, or an awkward sleeping position.

With no apparent cause, the Doctor gives you a diagnosis of a simple muscle strain. Prescribes Advil, and tells you to rest it, so you put on a brave face and get back to running your business and organizing family life. But the pain doesn't let up. You try exercises you find on YouTube, heat, ice, pain-relieving gels, and a whole host of weird and wonderful self-prescribed supplements.

Still, it continues...

This chronic back pain is exhausting and begins to take a toll on your mental health and the rest of your body. Your energy levels plummet and take your vitality and zest for life along with them. The exercises classes and other activities you love are now a chore. You stop wanting to socialize. Until, eventually, you’re sleep-walking through life, stressed and short-tempered.

Does that sound like you?

Don't worry. You're not alone - we hear this type of thing from women all the time. Lower Back Pain and Sciatica is THE most common problem we see in our physical therapy clinics

And when it comes to living with back pain, all the women we see want to know.

“Why is This Happening to Me?”...


“Why Am I Still Suffering With Back Pain After Putting Up With It For 6 Months (Maybe More)?”

Most women think it's just a natural part of getting older when they get aches and pains or stiffness.

They try and suck it up and get on with it, hoping that they'll wake up one day soon, and it'll be gone. Sadly, this is often not the case, and six months go by, you're still living with the pain, often worse than when it started. 

Does This Sound Like You?

Perhaps you've already been to the Doctor, and their advice was to, "Try this medication and come back if it doesn’t improve." This advice isn't great. Especially as when you go back, six weeks later, still in pain, you're given an even stronger prescription and, again, told to rest. And so, the saga continues.

But this explains why so many women aged 40+ are suffering from chronic lower back pain.

Has This Type of Thing Happened to You?

Why else does back pain sometimes last longer? Often, it's because there is so much conflicting information – particularly on the internet. People with inadequate qualifications, experience, and understanding give out advice based on their individual experience. Still, it may not be relevant to your issue.

Without knowing about the intricacies of human anatomy – and how joints, muscles, ligaments, and nerves work together – back pain can be confusing. Because of this, many women accept it and continue to struggle.

It's easy to think your pain was caused by something, like an ambitious yoga pose or sleeping awkwardly. Still, in most cases, the root cause is a poor posture that weakens the muscles. The lifting or straining was just the trigger.

Do You Feel That Way Too?

If You’re Currently Living With Back Pain, Here are 7 Reasons Why It Could Be Lasting Longer Than It Should:

  • You expected it to get better - but it didn’t.
  • You went to the Doctor who prescribed painkillers and rest - but they just masked the pain, and your problem came back as soon as they wore off.
  • Other women told you that everybody gets back pain as they get older, so you just accepted it.
  • You tried other healthcare professionals or a physical therapist, but nothing they said or did seemed to help.
  • You tried exercises you found online, but they were painful to do or didn't work.
  • You stopped moving and exercising because you Doctor told you to rest, but this just made your mobility and stiffness even worse.
  • You tried holistic treatments and massages at the spa. They were relaxing, but they didn't fix your pain and stiffness.

If you've tried these things and are still suffering - we would love to help you by inviting you to book a call to talk with one of our physical therapists to find out what we can do to help you. We believe it’s a POSITIVE that you’ve tried things already because that means we’re even closer to discovering the root cause and a long-term solution.

Click the link below to book a call with us if you would like to get some solid advice given to you over the phone. The phone call is complimentary. There is and no obligation to book any appointments with us after the call is over. Our goal is to help you move forward and find a solution.

What Can I do to Get Rid of My Back Pain Quickly?...

Well, here's four things you can do:

  • First off, you need to commit to courageous action. Many women put off getting help with their back pain because they're too busy or hope that things will get better on their own. This strategy stops you from living your best life. Decide to gain control of your health.
  • Next, be consistent – consistency is the key to success. The therapeutic exercises in my free Special Report make an immediate difference to your pain and stiffness if you do them consistently. But you need to be ready and willing to do the work.
  • Watch your postureDo you sit slouched over at your desk for long periods? Make a conscious effort to be mindful of your posture and take steps to correct it if you feel like you're rounding at the shoulders. Use a timer to make sure you get up and move around, at least every 20 minutes.
  • Find support "hands-on" physical therapy is proven to resolve chronic lower back pain. At Custom Fit Physical Therapy, we support you through your healing process, so you can get back to enjoying life again.

If you would like to know how the team at Custom Fit Physical Therapy can help you live with less back pain - we invite you to start with a completely free, no-obligation, risk-free appointment at one of our clinics:

Note: This Free Taster Session is something that we offer to women who are anxious or unsure about physical therapy. If you're not sure whether physical therapy is right for you, please start with a free taster session to find out what is wrong and what we can do – without any financial risk on your part.

So the next question is:

How Can Choosing to See a Physical Therapist at Custom Fit Physical Therapy Help You Get Rid of Your Back Pain - In The Next Few Days?

Here are some of the ways we can help you quickly:

  • We can quickly reduce the pain and stiffness - in just a couple of sessions.
  • We can pinpoint what's going on and identify your back pain's root cause once and for all – often inside 20 minutes.
  • We can help reduce your pain so you can get a restful night’s sleep. We know that lack of sleep makes everything feel much worse.
  • We can help reduce your reliance on painkillers and protect your long term health.
  • We can start working on "correcting" and "healing" your issues properly. And give you a set of exercises that are tailored to your specific problem to speed up recovery.
  • We can help you avoid surgery and painful steroid injections, and avoid the Doctor's surgery altogether.
  • We can help you get back to doing all the things you love.We can help you sit comfortably at your desk again and enjoy walks with your friends and family, too, without feeling like your back is going to "give way."

We can help you reduce pain, gain strength, and enjoy a greater quality of life.

If you want to know what it costs - and what availability we have at our physical therapy clinics, please click the button below and complete the short form:

“Find Out How Women Just Like You, Came to Custom Fit Physical Therapy - and Left Happier and Much Healthier!”

Please enjoy reading stories of other women with back pain just like you who came to see the physical therapy team at Custom Fit Physical Therapy - and left much healthier and happier:

When I started with Custom Fit, I had multiple physical issues as well as emotional due to the chronic pain. I had attempted traditional treatments to no avail as they utilized a "cookie-cutter" approach. The same approach just does not work on everyone. Custom Fit treats the whole person with a very hands on approach. They identified issues that were impacting healing on other parts of my body that were not identified previously. One is sent videos of the exercises that you are to do versus being handed a piece of paper. The videos are incredibly helpful in making certain that you are doing your exercises correctly. I no longer am suffering with the chronic pain that I had for over a year and am gaining strength back that I had lost. Custom Fit is professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. I will continue to utilize their services as needed and I VERY highly recommend them. If I could give more than five stars, I certainly would.
nancy Shoudy
nancy Shoudy
18:46 01 Dec 23
What a great experience I had with Martha at Custom Fit Physical Therapy. I am competitive athletic that had a serious neck and shoulder injury. Martha was instrumental in getting me back to full strength and beyond. She taught me breathing techniques and mobility exercises that greatly improved my performance. Thanks to her, I’ll be back in training in this week!
Brenda Kelly
Brenda Kelly
16:46 31 Jul 23
Martha is an amazing well trained physical therapist and a naturally gifted healer. She listens to her patients but assesses the whole body because she is keenly aware of how every bone and muscle interact and thus affect each other. I wish all health care professionals were like her. So glad we crossed paths after I had worked with several other traditional PTs. This has changed my life.
Teri Reid
Teri Reid
17:25 20 Jul 22
I wanted to share how wonderful my experience with Martha has been since meeting her last November...first of all, she is not just your everyday Physical Therapist...she is so talented in her approach and her care for each person's unique situation that she is on an entirely different level. I believe it is the best PT you will find anywhere I promise you-I was suffering from lower back pain for the last 10 or so years, and nothing I ever did would help relieve the pain- everyone I spoke with or saw would always concentrate on the usual suspects (muscles/tendons/spine/etc..) , however Martha was different in she took a completely different approach, and am I glad she did as I have been feeling the best I have in quite some time! So, I had multiple abdominal surgeries as a child and have quite few "old school" scars (long before laparoscopy surgery was a thing) . After just a couple of sessions, Martha told me that all this lower back pain was most likely coming from my old scars believe it or not, so we started therapy really focused on that. She is extremely proficient in using this device that really targets scars/scar tissue release/muscles/etc called Dolphin Neurostim OTC - its kind of like a TENS device but way better as it gives these high pitched sounds until it locates the exact spot that needs the most attention, then targets that spot! Quite incredible and I really think this was the beginning of my healing. It has released most of the hard scar tissue that was literally pulling me out of alignment for all these years, causing pain. I can't say enough nice things about Martha- If you need any type of Physical Therapy for anything, please don't hesitate to call Martha- she will help you, I am so thankful I found her:)
michael mangin
michael mangin
20:33 30 May 22
I went to Martha for physical therapy after I broke my shoulder. She is an excellent therapist and helped me regain a lot of movement. I liked how I was her only client for an hour and had her full attention. She is kind, compassionate and has a wonderful sense of humor. I actually enjoyed going to physical therapy with her and looked forward to our sessions. I recommend her highly.
Laura Garrick
Laura Garrick
14:46 15 Apr 22
For 3 months I had pain in my neck from a bone spur. The pain had my neck in spasms, so tight and it was difficult to turn my neck. I had traction at a chiropractor's along with manipulation. My condition did not improve. I grew frustrated and scared that i would need surgery.Thank goodness I found Martha Tassinari! Her knowledge of the human body was fascinating. She was very thorough with her questions and details of my health history. She is delightful, encouraging and honest. My neck has made a full recovery without surgery. I can turn my neck in both directions now and sleep soundly. I have no pain and I am so grateful to have found Custom Fit Physical Therapy! Call her today !!!!!
Nancy Griffin
Nancy Griffin
02:31 02 Feb 22
Patricia Henry
Patricia Henry
15:44 15 Nov 21
Working with Martha has been transformational! Not only does she perform wonders as a physical therapist, she makes sure her patients have the tools, including exercises to work on strengthening, breathing and videos to help me perform these healing and strengthening exercises at home. I have learned so much and am able to move in a way that I haven't been able to move in a long time. Thank you Martha!!!
Jean Riley
Jean Riley
17:34 26 Oct 21
If I could give 10 stars to Martha Tassinari I gladly would!!! Martha is extremely knowledgeable, professional, welcoming, and compassionate. I definitely feel supported and listened to when I come into her practice. Martha takes her time with the physical therapy to make sure I leave in a better way than I came in. I can say most definitely that my experience with Custom Fit Physical Therapy has been a wonderful experience and I am doing so much better physically.
Susan K
Susan K
11:16 24 Oct 21
Martha is amazing! I have had a lot of injuries and done a LOT of bodywork with some very talented practitioners, but she was able to resolve problems that no one else ever had. Her approach addresses the underlying, systemic issues, and I found that several problems I'd assumed were unrelated actually tracked back to the same sources - and Martha fixed those and has helped me to develop a simple home routine that keeps them fixed. I haven't felt this aligned and pain-free in years. I am so glad I followed the recommendations of several friends who had the same experience with Martha's expertise. An additional benefit - she is just a delightful person to work with!
02:42 19 Aug 21
I was referred to Martha from another PT who was unable to help me with my shoulder/upper back issue after 20+ sessions. Martha has a very different approach to PT. She initially did a free 1/2 hour (actually longer) discovery visit to "discover" if you thought she could help me. She listened to my concerns and developed an individual plan of treatment for me. After 2 visits, my pain and range of motion was at least 60% better. She also gave me a personal home exercise program with videos of how to do my exercises correctly and not your typical generic printed home exercise program. Martha is a kind, genuine, caring, and gifted person and I am so grateful that our paths crossed.
Wendy Caves
Wendy Caves
20:12 25 Jun 21
Martha has been instrumental in improving my health and well being. I'm a Physical Therapist who has also had some experience with Craniosacral Therapy but am new to NKT. I've always been active but have hip and knee pain that is markedly improved in just a few sessions. I've also experienced improvement in walking and functional mobility. She combines techniques to achieve optimal function. Martha is thorough, compassionate, thoughtful and professional and her warm approach is a plus. I never feel rushed and she makes me feel confident that I will continue to progress in a positive direction. I would highly recommend seeing Martha if you are experiencing any sort of pain or dysfunction. I'd give her 10 stars if I could!
Linda Zaniboni
Linda Zaniboni
14:39 06 Jun 21
Martha is a uniquely caring therapist. Her investment in my care was very personal. I felt very comfortable and at ease with what she recommended. My recovery was more timely due to her special care. I highly recommend her. If I need care again, I will certainly return to her capable hands!
Nadia Van Gorp
Nadia Van Gorp
23:37 26 May 21
Martha is above and beyond the best P.T. I have ever worked with and unfortunately I have worked with many over the years.She has helped so much with my back pain and her videos and instructions are so helpful.
kathleen hall
kathleen hall
21:06 15 Apr 21
Martha is not the kind of physical therapist one typically associates with how a physical therapist practices. Her practice encompasses far above and beyond the standard physical therapy. Martha's holistic approach, knowledge base, specialization in scars and additional certifications such a cranial sacral therapy make her an exceptional and phenomenal therapist standing out from others in her field. She takes the time in her assessment and evaluation process to determine the root cause of your complaints and does not focus on just your symptoms. I had major abdominal surgery and breast surgery within a 6 month time frame. It never occurred to me that my abdominal scars would have caused so much havoc in back and neck pain and core stability. It has been such an educational as well as healing process. Martha really helped me understand what was going on with my body given the changes I had experienced. The cranial sacral work she does is such an added bonus and hard to find a cranial sacral therapist at her level of expertise. Martha is a health care practitioner that is not easily found these days. She is empathic and compassionate and obviously is passionate about her work and helping people feel better. Martha is a real find.
corinna rizzi
corinna rizzi
20:41 07 Apr 21
I met Martha from someone I trust. I was having issues with my hip, back, and knee on my left side....what intrigued me about Martha was her approach with a phone interview first to see if she could help me.My first visit seeing Martha....I was impressed with her questions/evaluation and what and how long she would need to see me...but most of all was her knowledge because I had never encounter someone with an approach of details and getting better with certain exercises....along with her patience in making sure you are doing things right.So far 10 visits later...I’m feeling so much better with less issues and I’m able to do some of the things I use to do.Also...she is lovely, professional and determined to help you get better!!Thank you, Martha!Viann Nappi
viann nappi
viann nappi
19:57 06 Apr 21
Martha has a strong understanding of the connections in the human body through her trainings in craniosacral therapy, myofascial therapy, and various other courses and certifications. She is a well-rounded and experienced physical therapist and has been able to put me back together again every time I've needed help.
Elizabeth Sims
Elizabeth Sims
00:18 05 Mar 21
Compassionate, individualized, knowledgeable care is offered by this gifted physical therapist. Martha is a far cry from traditional PT since she addresses the whole person, not just the symptoms. I highly recommend Martha, especially if you haven't had results with traditional routes.
Susan Dickow
Susan Dickow
00:19 21 Jan 21
I have had great experiences with Martha. She takes her time listening and giving positive treatments. I have been a client with Martha and highly recommended her expertise and compassion to her clients.
Karen Alexander
Karen Alexander
19:49 02 Nov 20
I was referred to Martha by a trusted friend who has been one of Martha's patients for years, and who kept gushing about her capabilities. When I met with Martha, I was amazed at the time she dedicated to understanding my myriad of medical issues and then astounded when she started to work with me and I felt so much better. Over the weeks we worked together, Martha guided me through some new exercises and made adjustments to others, always listening to me and my body. I've been totally stunned at the positive improvements in how I move more freely and painlessly. I've been to many, many PTs who only focus on the one area of pain---Martha looked beyond the pain, to the source of the issue(s), and then explained what she wanted me to do, and why. I'm thrilled to have met Martha and strongly encourage anyone with PT needs to get to her as quickly as you can.
P Mlchy
P Mlchy
17:30 30 Oct 20
Martha Tassinari is an amazing physical therapist! She combines her vast knowledge with caring customized treatments and delivers life-changing results.Simply the best!You'll never find a more talented and compassionate physical therapist.
Eileen Laffey
Eileen Laffey
13:16 19 Jun 20
I first started going to Martha after a high school sports injury and car accident pain was not going away with standardized PT sessions. Martha opened my eyes to the body-mind approach of healing. Her individualized sessions allowed for my body to heal while also realigning my nervous system anxieties through Craniosacral therapy. Martha has gone above and beyond as a clinical to continue her education over the years. I highly recommend Martha to anyone who is looking to make a change in their body and mind movement and healing patterns.
Stacia Boynton
Stacia Boynton
18:55 15 Jun 20
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