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This is What Viann Had to Say About Custom Fit Physical Therapy

Holistic Physical Therapy

Have you been waiting for weeks to get an appointment for physical therapy because the outpatient clinic you called is super busy and has a waitlist?

Have you tried physical therapy in the past and were disappointed with the care or didn't get the results you expected?

I completely understand your concerns. This is why I created a Holistic Physical Therapy Practice servicing South/East Naples, Florida and the Marco Island region. 

We believe the core element of healing is to treat the root cause of your problem, not only where you are having symptoms.

Our physical therapy practice here in Naples, FL is seasonal which means we are snowbirds!

We see our patients here in Naples, FL  from November 1 through May 15. We also have an outpatient physical therapy practice on Cape Cod located in Sandwich, MA from May through the end of October.

Our mission is to offer easy access, high-quality healthcare that helps women over 40 improve their mobility, decrease their stress, return to an active lifestyle, and improve their quality of life.

We provide a high level of service and care that you won't find anywhere else.

Here at Custom Physical Therapy, you're NEVER given a generic laundry list of exercises or put on fancy machines. We listen to you and create a customized treatment plan specific to your goals and desired outcomes.

Here's what some of our patients say about their experiences at traditional clinics:

"I only saw my PT for 15 minutes and then was handed over to an assistant or aide."

"I had an evaluation with my PT, but only received treatment from a physical therapy assistant because the PT was too busy and fully booked.

Let me reassure you this NEVER will happen at Custom Fit Physical Therapy.

At Custom Fit Physical Therapy, you will:

Experience high quality one-on-one customized 60-75-minute treatment sessions with an expert physical therapist in a quiet healing environment without the hassle of a busy outpatient clinic setting.

We focus on your whole body, not just the symptoms. We want to get to know you as a person, learn what you've tried or haven't tried, what you are struggling with and what your goals are.

As a VIP client, you have easy access to us if you have any questions or concerns between treatment sessions. Our mission is to guide and support you every step of the way so that you can experience results and get back to the things you love to do!

We provide your own personal physical therapy patient portal where you have videos of treatment sessions, home exercises/strategies and any necessary documentation all housed in one place for your convenience. This extra support helps you stay accountable with your program so that you accomplish all your goals.

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