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We are currently located in Sandwich, MA

FAQ's About Custom Fit Physical Therapy

What insurances do you accept ?

Martha Tassinari, owner of Custom Fit Physical Therapy practices in a very holistic manner utilizing a variety of techniques. She is dedicated to your health and wellness. She works with you the client, rather than for the insurance company. Unfortunately, the insurance companies put limitations on how many visits you receive and often times limit the type of treatment you receive.

We are a concierge physical therapy practice. Martha's mission is to provide the highest quality care with easy access.

You have one body and one life, and you deserve the highest level of care available, including:

  • 60-75 minute individualized sessions with an experienced therapist(you will never work with an aide or assistant)
  • One-on-one personalized care allows consistency of treatment
  • Comprehensive evaluation of your condition/injury
  • You’re not just a number; we really get to know you. We believe it is important to trust and have a personal connection with your physical therapist.
  • We treat the body as a whole, not just the site of pain (A Holistic approach involves determining and addressing the root cause of pain)
  • You have your own personal physical therapy patient portal where we house all your documents and upload personalized exercise videos specific for your condition.
  • Ease of access and no referrals necessary means you can be seen in a reasonable time frame.

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We encourage our clients to contact their insurance company directly to see if an out-of-network reimbursement is possible with their plan.

We do not process any insurance claims directly, however some of our clients do submit their own claims if they have an out-of network benefit. We do provide the necessary documentation and a super bill upon request. We are not a provider for Medicare.

We do offer a variety of interest-free payment plans

Can I still come to see you if you don't take my insurance ?

ABSOLUTELY! If you want to work with us – the best thing to do is request a FREE Discovery Session. We’ll make sure you’re a good fit for what we do and that we can help you – BEFORE you invest any time or money with us.

Do I need a prescription or referral from my physician to start treatment ?

Good news! In the State of MA, patients do NOT need an MD prescription or referral to receive physical therapy treatment. If you are planning to file for insurance reimbursement, it is possible your insurance company will require you to obtain an MD prescription. However, one is not necessary to receive physical therapy treatment from us.

However, if you are coming to our Naples, FL office you can start treatment without a prescription/referral. After 30 days, you will need a referral/prescription to continue treatment.

For more information about your specific insurance or to learn more about our programs, rates, and availability please contact us at 781-806-3062.

What conditions do you treat?

  • Chronic pain
  • Back/neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Stenosis
  • Pain/tightness from scars
  • Shoulder/hip, knee issues
  • Balance/gait deficits
  • Weakness /dysfunctional movement patterns
  • Emotional stress/anxiety
  • Overall health and wellness coaching
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