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Why Clients Happily Pay Out of Pocket to Receive a Higher Level of Care


Let’s face it, healthcare in America has its challenges. When it comes to physical therapy, in traditional clinics, insurance companies dictate the number of visits allowed for a particular condition. In that setting, your insurance coverage is shut off, sometimes long before a condition is fully addressed, which can lead to long-term problems. An unresolved condition that started as an acute issue can quickly become a chronic one.

Why should you settle for the course of treatment and the number of visits being limited by a nameless individual who has not personally evaluated you or your condition?

Theres a better way! For top-notch care, its time to go out of network.

Concierge physical therapy is a cash based healthcare model which is not reliant upon insurance. It removes limitations imposed by insurance companies and frees the physical therapist to treat a client fully and appropriately (sometimes with a combination of therapies not available in traditional practices). At Custom Fit Physical Therapy, YOU are the focus of care, and you’ll receive the kind of one-on-one care that leads to game-changing outcomes.

I’ve found that clients are more than happy to pay out of pocket to receive customized care and achieve total body wellness and pain resolution without the need for invasive treatments, surgeries, prescriptions, or multiple visits to the Doctor.

Many clients seek my care after unsuccessful treatment in traditional physical therapy settings or to avoid surgery. You deserve to live your best life without being impacted by debilitating and chronic pain.

When You Visit a Traditional Physical Therapy Clinic…

Since insurance companies are decreasing reimbursement rates, traditional physical therapy clinics, reliant upon reimbursement, must see multiple patients per hour to stay afloat. And that has a direct impact on patients and outcomes.

If you’ve never gone to physical therapy, here’s a sampling of what a traditional physical therapy experience can look like:

  • You may have to wait weeks to a month or more to get an appointment (that can set your recovery back).
  • Limited time per visit, lack of quality time, often rushed pace (treatment times average of 15-30 minutes).
  • Receive standard prescribed exercises (and take-home worksheet).
  • Not promised the same clinician at every visit, so it’s the luck of the draw. You may even be passed off to a physical therapy tech.
  • Insurance is accepted, and the number of visits is capped whether or not the condition has improved.
  • Insurance sets the number of allowable visits for a particular injury the therapist has no say

Why Concierge Physical Therapy is Considered the Gold Standard in Care

Though many have yet to discover it, Concierge physical therapy is an increasingly popular option available in the U.S. and abroad. It offers an unrivaled level of care unavailable in traditional practices. You have one body and one life, and you deserve the highest level of care available, including:

  • 60-minute sessions, minimum.
  • Thorough evaluation of conditions.
  • Receive standard prescribed exercises (and take-home worksheet).
  • One-on-one personalized care allows consistency of treatment.
  • You’re not just a number; we really get to know you.
  • Treats the body as a whole, not just the site of pain (A Holistic approach involves determining and addressing the root cause of pain)
  • Ease of access and no referrals necessary means you can be seen in a reasonable time frame.
  • Receive individualized exercises in video format instead of being given a laundry list of exercises to do at home (clients love this feature!)
  • Treatment sessions of 60 minutes are long enough to see results more quickly than in traditional PT. (limited to brief 20-minute sessions)

Concierge physical therapy is an alternative practice model mutually beneficial to the clinician and client. It meets the client demand for high-quality, client-centered, exceptional care, and it’s no surprise that this healthcare model is trending.

Ultimately, having to pay out of pocket becomes a nonissue. Clients who choose concierge physical therapy become clear on the benefits rather quickly, and I often hear, I only wish I had found you sooner. For many, it’s the first time they’ve felt seen and heard in a medical setting.

“I suffered for over 10 years with lower back pain and nothing I ever did helped including chiropractic, massage therapy, and traditional physical therapy. Martha is completely different in her approach and a rare find. She doesn’t just treat your symptoms, but goes after the root cause of the problem. She listens to you and evaluates your entire body, not just where you’re having pain.

I had no idea that all my scars from abdominal surgeries were the culprit of my lower back pain. No one ever looked at my scars before Martha. I’m so glad that I found her because it’s the first time in 10 years that I’m pain-free and I returned to all the activities I love to do! Martha was able to release the scar tissue from the multitude of surgeries I had, and teach me the right corrective exercises for my particular problem. I’m grateful to be pain-free!“

Michael M. Naples, FL

An Opportunity for a Better Healing Journey

As a physical therapist with over twenty-eight years’ experience, I’ve witnessed and experienced the limitations while working in traditional physical therapy clinics and knew there had to be a better way. The rushed pace, lack of continuity, and passing off patients to technicians were not in the best interest of patients and left me feeling disconnected and dissatisfied.

Overcome with a desire to offer the kind of care that clients deserve: no rushing, consistent, and personalized care, thorough treatment planning, and being invested in helping them achieve their wellness goals, I set about reimagining a better way forward.

Custom Fit Physical Therapy was founded with quality client care as the cornerstone and a mission of providing the level of care that clients seek and treasure. The difference between traditional physical therapy and concierge physical therapy is vast. Time and again, I’ve seen what concierge-level care can mean to client outcomes, and I’m excited to provide optimal care and a holistic approach to wellness.

As a concierge PT, I can do precisely what is best for my clients and no less (rather than being limited or dictated to by an insurance company). Instead of spending untold hours on insurance documentation, I devote that time to patient care. The pay out of pocket, out of network option gives clients a choice to receive the care that is best suited to their needs.

Experience a Dynamic Holistic Approach to Healing Firsthand

Now that you’ve learned about concierge physical therapy, you may be eager to get started sooner rather than later. At Custom Fit Physical Therapy, we recognize the importance of a good fit. Its why we offer a free 30-minute Discovery Session. Consider it a sampler session, a time in which we get to know each other and gauge whether we are a good fit for you and your current condition.

You’ll discover what is offered and how we partner with clients to help you move forward to a healthier, more active you. And while you won’t receive a formal treatment during the Discovery Session, it’s a great opportunity to get some clarity about what the root cause of your pain, dysfunction, or problem may be.

Plus, you’ll have the time to ask questions and share more about your current condition and state of wellness and determine whether or not we can help you.

Ready to feel supported, nurtured, and understood?

Martha Tassinari

Martha Tassinari

Martha graduated from Northeastern University, in Boston Massachusetts, with a degree in Physical Therapy in 1994 and later studied Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial release and Neurokinetic Therapy. She is a lung cancer survivor and is passionate about helping women heal physically, emotionally, and energetically. In addition, she is a life coach and empowers others to take charge of their health and self-care so they can have more energy, decrease stress, implement healthy boundaries, and live life with more freedom, peace, and joy. Feel free to check out her life coaching services at https://www.marthatassinari.com/
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