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Discover 3 Powerful Ways Physical Therapy Solves the Mystery of your Pain

Physical Therapy

If you’ve never experienced physical therapy before you may not understand what physical therapy actually is and how it can solve the mystery of your pain, restore your mobility, and help you return to the things you love to do!

I hear it all the time from my patients:  “If I had known that this was what physical therapy does and how much it could have helped me I would have started sooner!

So often we wait to make a decision about our health hoping it will go away on its own, but it doesn’t.

So what is a physical therapist and what do they do?

I consider myself the private investigator(or detective) of the body.

Physical therapists are specialists in understanding movement patterns, anatomy, and have the ability to pinpoint what may be causing your pain or dysfunction.

Here at Custom Fit Physical Therapy, we focus on identifying the root cause of the problem(we don’t just look at your symptoms), help heal your body naturally(without medication) and assist you to return to an active lifestyle.

Truly, physical therapists are like private detectives.  They are given information through a patient interview/evaluation which consists of getting to know their patient(their history, stress level, personal issues, their questions/concerns, along with any diagnostic testing, etc).

This is also where the patient shares their specific goals/intentions with physical therapy.  What is it that they really want to accomplish with physical therapy?  What is it they tried before and didn’t work?

The next step is the body assessment or evaluation:

This is where the physical therapist evaluates how you move, assesses your posture, alignment/strength, and conducts a variety of tests to determine the root cause of the problem.

It is very important to note that where you are experiencing pain is not necessarily the cause of dysfunction.

For example, you may experience shoulder pain, but it may be coming from somewhere else like your neck.

A well trained and experienced physical therapist will address your whole body not just the part where you are having symptoms.

Plan of Action:  Once the physical therapist has completed the evaluation and determined the root cause of the problem, together with their patient they create a solid plan of care.

This part is important!  There needs to be a plan and it needs to be done together.

The plan of care consists of creating solid goals with a timeline that the patient wants to accomplish.  For example, “I want to be able to walk 1 mile with my dog without back pain in 4 weeks.”

Incorporated within the plan of care is the treatment plan.  These are the steps necessary to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be.

Treatment Plan: Once the physical therapist has determined the root cause of the problem, established patient goals(ie returning to biking or walking my dog), then it is time to create a treatment plan on how to get there!

The treatment plan may consist of techniques including manual therapy(hands-on treatment), craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, therapeutic exercise, and patient education/Home exercise program.

As your private detective/physical therapist I specialize in cracking the case of your pain.  I understand how your body moves, what dysfunctional patterns have developed, help you prevent further injury, and discover what’s keeping you from doing the things that you really love to do!

I’m known as the great detective and physical therapy profiler.  I’ve solved some pretty tough cases!

If you want to heal your body naturally, return to an active lifestyle, and get back to the things you love to do, register for your FREE  20 minute live Discovery Session to solve your case. Click here

Martha Tassinari

Martha Tassinari

Martha graduated from Northeastern University, in Boston Massachusetts, with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 1994 and later studied Craniosacral and Neurokinetic Therapy. But it wasn't until she was on the other side of the table, to heal her body following two lung cancer surgeries that she found her true calling. For years she was paralyzed for days on end with severe headaches and shoulder pain, unable to work or move. Pain medication gave her temporary relief, but it never got to the root of the problem. With courage, grit and determination, and an excellent physical therapist, she overcame adversity to heal her body. And this point; she decided to dedicate her life to making sure other women don't struggle in pain for years as she did. Her mission is to empower women to discover the root cause of dysfunction and heal at all levels – body, mind, and spirit.
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