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5 Reasons Why Setting Boundaries is Crucial to Self-Care

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Why is it that we as women struggle with a consistent self-care plan?

I want you to think about why you may put your self-care on the back burner. What is it that you need to say “NO” to? Think about why you never have time for yourself? Here are the common reasons I hear from women:

  • I don’t have time or I’m too busy(work, kids, husband, school, etc)
  • I have to pick the kids up at school, soccer, etc
  • I volunteered for this project at work and can’t get out of it…
  • Work is crazy right now…

The list goes on and on.

The common denominator is a lack of personal/professional boundaries.

If you are frustrated because you aren’t able to follow a consistent self-care plan, I guarantee there is a boundary issue that needs to be uncovered and addressed. Please be gentle with yourself here.

This is not about self-judgment, but awareness.  When we create awareness around boundaries, then we can heal and take inspired action.

I love Albert Einstein’s quote:

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

I encourage you to read on and learn why setting boundaries needs to be a priority in your daily self-care plan.

I have many patients who come to me for physical therapy to address their back pain, neck pain, headaches, and shoulder pain.

Often it is difficult for them to actually make a decision to commit to attending physical therapy because they are putting everyone else first before their own needs.  Meanwhile, their pain gets worse and they are discouraged that they are losing mobility and can’t do the activities they want to do.

It is important to put your own oxygen mask on first. 

I would like to share with you some of the consequences of not setting boundaries. Not having clear boundaries can affect us emotionally, physically, energetically, and spiritually.

Lack of boundaries can create emotional overwhelm, stress, anxiety, depression, and physical pain. I call it the “Boundary Hangover”.  There is a cure for this!

We as women have a tendency of overextending ourselves, putting everyone else’s needs first, and acting like we are “Super Woman”.  Over time, we become exhausted and find ourselves eating unhealthy meals and not exercising regularly.

This leads to possible weight gain, weight loss, and even self-medicating. (wine, food, etc)  It can contribute to physical illness or a healing crisis.

The purpose of boundaries is to protect your highest values and allow you to take care of yourself so that you can enjoy fulfilling relationships and live your best life now!

If you are navigating through a difficult life challenge or dealing with other people’s drama(I call them the energetic vampires ), we can feel energetically depleted.  Who/what is depleting you or violating your boundaries?

I know how challenging setting boundaries can be.  I struggled for years with the issue of not setting boundaries( then I didn’t know it was a #boundary problem until I had a major healing crisis called #cancer).  I don’t want that to happen to you!

Please don’t wait for a healing crisis to happen before you take action with your own health.

How can a lack of boundaries affect me spiritually? If you aren’t taking the time to meditate, pray, and connect to God, then you are disconnected spiritually.  This is when we think we can control our situations and this creates more anxiety, stress, and feeds into the same old unhealthy behaviors.

Look at your schedule and see where you could say  “NO” to the things that are distracting you and say “yes” to your own self-care so that you can restore your physical, spiritual, and emotional health.

The last important reason to make boundary setting a priority in your life and self-care plan is that if we don’t set boundaries we stay stuck and nothing ever changes.

Have you been putting off exercising?  Or maybe you’ve been experiencing back or neck pain for quite some time and haven’t made that appointment yet to be evaluated by a physical therapist.

Make a decision today to say YES to your self-care!

The bottom line boundaries are everything!  If we don’t have clear boundaries we can’t follow a self-care plan with consistency, we won’t have fulfilling relationships and we aren’t living a joyful life.

Boundaries are your birthright!  Setting health boundaries is truly an act of self-love which is a big part of self-care and connecting to your authentic self.

So how do I know I need to set boundaries as part of my self-care plan?

  1.  Listen to your body.  Your body is your “Boundary Barometer”.  What is your body telling you? Is it stressed? Are you having trouble sleeping? Are you experiencing physical pain? Is the food that you’re putting into your body unhealthy and your body is letting you know.  Listen.  Don’t ignore the signs.
  2. What are you complaining about?  Are you feeling angry or resentful?  Did you say YES to something and now you wished you had said NO.
  3. Clear the emotional clutter:  Make a list of who or what is depleting you or affecting you in a negative way.  Where are you giving your power away?

This awareness of where you may be giving your power away and investing your time and energy can be a powerful transformation.

4.  Step into your feminine courage and create an action plan.  What boundary will you put in place and by when?

Make a commitment today to step into your courage, take personal responsibility, and create the change you want in your life.

Here at Custom Fit Physical Therapy, we are passionate about helping you heal at all levels, discover the root cause of your pain and dysfunction so that you can live your best life now!

 You have one body and one life-Take care of you!

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Martha Tassinari

Martha Tassinari

Martha graduated from Northeastern University, in Boston Massachusetts, with a degree in Physical Therapy in 1994 and later studied Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial release and Neurokinetic Therapy. She is a lung cancer survivor and is passionate about helping women heal physically, emotionally, and energetically. In addition, she is a life coach and empowers others to take charge of their health and self-care so they can have more energy, decrease stress, implement healthy boundaries, and live life with more freedom, peace, and joy. Feel free to check out her life coaching services at https://www.marthatassinari.com/
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